Every sip tells a story, here’s ours…

When you have a bottle of wine in your hands, ready to be opened, it’s just like opening a book. You can’t wait to read the first page, and as you near the last, you almost don’t want it to end. You don’t want the story to be over. You want to savor it, linger in it, get to know the characters like they belong to you. The difference is, with wine, the story is yours, waiting to be written, enjoyed and retold, in different ways, on different evenings, with different friends. This is what Idella is, a story waiting to be told. A story you can interpret for yourself, and make all your own.

Following a fascination: family and passion.

Idella was the name of my grandmother. It is a word that has significance not only because of my family history, but because Idella literally means “bountiful.” And it is this we wish for anyone who enjoys Idella Wines. We wish for you to be bountiful in spirit, happiness, friendship, life, and love. Because I am not in this for financial gain, rather to share my bountiful passion with other wine enthusiasts. I spent my career in the tech world, where I devoted much of my time and efforts. Soon I craved something that held more meaning. This lead me to a passion for wine-making, but more importantly, wine sharing, which I love to do with friends and family over dinners. These rare and beautiful experiences that affect how we enjoy and interpret a bottle of wine. And it is in this spirit that we bring you, Idella Wines.

Patience. And other things learned from wine.

It took me a while to find my passion for wine, and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. I found, like wine, some things can’t be rushed. And others, you simply wouldn’t want to. This has been a fascinating journey for me, my family and friends, specifically Jim Gosselin, who has been an amazing advocate of our wines.

Over the course of this wine journey, I’ve learned so much about farming, wine making, and most especially, the vineyard craftsmen who invest countless hours growing, nurturing and harvesting the grapes.

The tradition of giving back to the community.

IMG_0209-214x300Greg commitments take the shape of mostly inner-city, at-risk youth programs. He has founded charity fundraising events including wine tasting events and a golf tournament that have each been running for more than ten years.

Idella Wines allocates a certain amount of wine to be donated for charity events throughout the year. Additionally, Idella Wines provides $5 to inner-city at-risk youth programs for every bottle of wine purchased.

It is our intention for Idella Wines to positively impact the lives of under-priviledged children throughout the U.S.